The benefits of hydro-massage

The hydro-massage relaxes and improves blood circulation. It is a source of both physical and spiritual well-being. It was only in the 1990s that the hydro-massage technique gained recognition as a wellness and relaxation therapy.

With the help of some studies, the company has succeeded in defining the ideal and optimal height at which to position the nozzles from which air bubbles emerge. Oriented from the bottom upwards, they improve blood circulation and the lymphatic system, reducing fluid retention.


  • Improved blood circulation and lymphatic system
  • Physical and spiritual well-being
  • Reduction of liquid stagnation

Our Curaboots®

They are boots for horses, specifically designed for the recovery of muscles, tendons and the treatment of traumas or micro-traumas of the skeletal system. Curaboots® use cryotherapy and the hydro-massage effect

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